Life and Leadership Coach
Private Pilates Instructor

I do not exaggerate when I say that working with Katie Vason these last four months has changed my life.

                     ---   Coaching Client

I call her my Pilates angel for rescuing me from a life of chronic pain & helping me to regain my strength. She is, quite simply, a life-changer!!

                     ---   Pilates Client

About Me

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Life and Leadership Coach & Private Pilates Instructor

I am passionate for people, movement, and the environment in which we live. As a life coach, I will support you in uncovering your own passions, identifying and moving past the stops and ultimately creating the life you want to be living. I am excited to be an affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching, a world-class organization well known for delivering the highest standard of training.

In addition to having a coaching practice, I am a certified Pilates instructor on mat and equipment through the Kane School of Core Integration, and I teach at various studios around NYC. 

I graduated from Connecticut College with a double major in dance & self-designed environmental politics. I consistently self-design my life by staying involved with environmental issues and the NYC dance scene. Since moving to NYC, I have presented my own work at local venues, and I am a founding member of The Lovelies, a compositional improvisation based dance company based out of New York City.