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Coaching for the Climate Conscious 

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Meet Katie Vason

Our Work Together

 My coaching is rooted in ontology- the study of the nature of being- and will help us focus on who you are today and who you want to ultimately be. From this place, we work together to clarify what contribution you want to make and what actions to take, impacting areas of your life at a much deeper level.  

Climate change coaching can help you identify what’s holding you back and give you the freedom and direction you need to move forward.

Working in climate advocacy presents unique challenges such as the transitory nature of the work, many unknown and often draining variables, and solutions that are constantly changing and evolving. It requires resilience and adaptation and being in relationship with both our individual and collective capabilities. The current climate reality is urgent and calls for bold, swift collective action and leadership. Yet to tap into our wildest imagination and inner wisdom, we need to be well-resourced, flexible, and able to access creativity to do quality work and have the impact we wish to see. 

Climate Coach 


 I am passionate about people, movement, and the environment in which we live. As a climate coach, my mission is to help climate leaders and individuals connect to their power and rekindle their passion to inspire meaningful change—so that we can all create a more inhabitable and life-giving future.  

With a background in coaching, climate leadership, somatic movement and activism, I support clients in their visionary and creative work by shedding light on new ways of being and self-perception, offering different perspectives on how they can move their work forward.

​My clients are committed to building a more sustainable and just future, in the face of uncertainty and a rapidly changing landscape.  They are organizers, career changers, team leaders, freelancers, and creatives who want to see their vision come to life from a place of joy and satisfaction.

I am excited to be an affiliate and graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, a world-class organization well known for delivering the highest standard of training and accredited by the International Coach Federation. I completed my certification in 2016 as well as additional training through the Climate Change Coaches Training Program in 2022. 

Meet Katie
Why Climate Coaching

Why Climate Coaching?

Think of me as your mirror and your collaborator


When engaging with transformative work and a constantly shifting climate, wellbeing is foundational but often the doing is prioritized over the being, leading to burnout.  Coaching can help by bringing more clarity and ease. 


Coaching can offer tools and skills to refine and clarify the contribution you want to make. 

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Coaching can support you in clarifying your vision for change and taking actionable steps to bring that vision to life. Our work together will help you move past limitations, and stay focused on the bigger picture even when day-to-day life gets in the way so that you can have the impact and create the change you wish to see.




In order to build a more sustainable future, connecting to possibility and thinking outside the box is not only important, it is fundamental. Coaching can help you to connect to your innate creativity and inner wisdom to support your vision for change.



Coaching can support moving from powerlessness into an empowered relationship and sense of agency with climate action.

Realizing your Full Potential 

What if this moment in time was an opportunity to step into your power in bold and exciting ways? Transformative times call for transformative leadership.


"Working with Katie Vason was my introduction to coaching. As an experienced Clinical Social Worker, I didn't really know what to expect from coaching. Katie made it all very clear: coaching is supportive, powerful and effective. Katie herself is a complete pleasure to work with. She "got me" from day one. She continued to be a keen, perceptive listener throughout our work together. Her kindness and encouragement helped me look at myself and my goals from a totally new perspective. I know I've made permanent, positive changes thanks to Katie!"

- LB



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