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Sacred Depths

Over the past 10 months, I completed a second coach training program and can now say I am a certified Sacred Depths Practioner!  

The Sacred Depths training and certification process with Joanna Lindenbaum has been nothing short of transformational, both personally and professionally. Sacred Depths has deepened and expanded my coaching skills to support clients in the deep inner work of moving through obstacles and blocks that can arise (fear, limiting beliefs, resistance) as they work to bring their outer goals to life. 

If you’re looking for a coach training program that leads with integrity and ethics, I can’t recommend this program enough. I’ve included my testimonial as a small snapshot of my own experience:

"Sacred Depths has not only allowed me to deepen my coaching skills and integrate different levels of learning and processing, but it has also transformed my relationship with my internal rhythm in business and in life. Every aspect of this program is so well crafted. Our weekly calls felt grounded in reconnecting to inner wisdom while learning foundational skills to support clients in their transformation. Over the past ten months, I finished two programs in addition to Sacred Depths, launched a workshop that incorporated all three of my passions, uncovered belonging as a top value, recognized that ease and integrity can coexist, worked with the seasons, and brought energetics into every aspect of my life. Joanna is a master at her craft not only in supporting coaches build their businesses but in the art of human transformation."

You can find me listed among the directory of other certified Sacred Depths coaches here.

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