Photo Credit: Anthony Collins Art

Passions Fuel Purpose

Our Home: The Earth

I am involved with New York Renews and attended the Earth Leadership Cohort last summer. I currently work with New York Renews in supporting their efforts to pass the CCPA, the Climate and Community Protection Act, a bold piece of Climate legislation currently on the floor of the NY State Senate. The CCPA is “the most progressive climate-equity policy we’ve seen, and sets a path to the highest standard nationwide for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more at


While receiving my training at Accomplishment Coaching, I was able to enroll the CEO of AC in changing company policy nationwide around the use of plastic water bottles. AC went from providing clients and trainees with plastic bottles to providing more sustainable and healthier options at each of their training programs across the county, preventing thousands of disposable plastic bottles from ending up in the trash. I am currently working on developing retreats for women in the social justice and environmental protection field as a way to recharge, reflect, reconnect and to get back in touch with the big "what for". During a time when so much is on the line, self care and connection are essential parts of the way forward. Stay tuned for details!


Change starts at the micro level ~ You too can be involved. Each tiny move is a movement!

Our Bodies: The Dance

Compositional improvisation. Making choices in the moment. Dance has always been a part of my life and a vehicle for self expression, rigor, creativity and artistry. Lately I am most interested in choice making in the moment through compositional improvisation. 

you can find out performance information here: Lovelies...