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Life and Leadership Coaching

Areas of Expertise

Life and Leadership Coaching

My goal is a fuller expression of YOU. A Leader of your own life. With a background in coaching, movement, improvisation, pilates instruction, activism, and performing, I will support you in accessing your true potential and purpose. My training in ontological coaching, will help us focus on who you are being and who you want to be. From this place, you get to decide what you want to do and actions to take, impacting areas of your life at a much deeper level. 


I am a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, an International Coach Federation accredited Training Program, completing my certification in 2016. Not sure exactly what coaching is? The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential“. 

Private Pilates Instruction

After experiencing dance related injuries, I found Pilates as a way to rehabilitate and deepen my knowledge and awareness of the body. As a Kane School certified Pilates Instructor, I'll use what I've learned through my experiences and training to support you and your goals!

I've attended continuing education courses on topics including senior fall prevention, the sacrum and SI joint issues, among other teacher clinics and workshops, and recently attended a workshop on respiration and rib mechanics taught by Kelly Kane this summer. I am currently teaching at Sound Movement in Larchmont, Pilates Garage in Brooklyn, and Elevate, a Pilates and wellness cooperative. 


Life and Leadership Coaching

My job as coach is to serve as your mirror; to have the big conversations that will make the most difference in making your dreams become reality. Often day to day life and circumstances get in the way of what we really want and what we know we're capable of. What would your career look like if it was a reflection of your passion? What would you be doing in the world? More importantly, who would you have to be?


In private weekly sessions, we will work one on one together in establishing results you want to create while releasing any limiting patterns that may get in the way. Email me to schedule a sample over the phone coaching session! 

Private Pilates Instruction

Our Pilates sessions will focus on addressing specific goals in strength and injury prevention and a longer, leaner, more informed you! Whether you want to work on a specific issue or improve overall physical fitness, Pilates is a significant source in retraining the body to work in more healthy and supportive ways. 


​We'll meet for 55 minutes at a time, once a week at Elevate Cooperative in Manhattan's flatiron district. Packages are available upon request. Email me and I'd be happy to schedule a session!